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With over 40 years of combined experience we bring a unique and talented mixed of skill to every show. We have the experience and knowledge in conditioning, grooming and presenting all breeds. 


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Philip Boyce

Showing Dogs Professionally since 2007

I have been training and showing dogs off and on since 1992. I started assisting my parents in 1993 with their beagles. My first beagle with my name on it finished in 1994. After college I stopped showing but was still involved with dogs by providing private dog training lessons. I have assisted in whelping litters and raising puppies over the years.


In 2006 I purchased my first Weimaraner. I got back into showing dogs and my male Weimaraner, Cody, became a champion at only 15 months of age. Cody has been campaigned to be in the Top 20 at the age of 2 and 6 and just recently won Select Dog and Best Veteran at Eukanuba in 2015.


I assisted a professional handler for multiple years. This was a great opportunity to be able to show a variety of breeds and learn about the care and well-being of the dogs while traveling on the road.


Since 2006 I have gone on to campaign a variety of top ranked dogs while winning multiple groups along the way.


I have taught handling classes for both a private training school and for the Lackawanna Kennel Club.


I am currently Co-Show Chairman for the Lackawanna Kennel Club and member of the following clubs: Bronx Kennel Club, Brookhaven Kennel Club, Weimaraner Club of America and German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America.


In 2014 I met and started a working partnership with Aaron Goldfinger. I also submitted my Junior Showmanship Judges application in 2014 and am currently accepting Junion assignments.


I love a challenge and look forward to showing many more dogs to their full potential in the years to come. I enjoy showing all breeds of dogs.

Aaron Goldfinger

Showing Dogs Professionally since 1997

Aaron started in dogs when his family got their first Std. Poodle when he was 10 yrs. old. That started his love of dogs and dog shows, breeding several litters and showing with his family. He went to work in a grooming shop owned by the person who had taught Mark Sharnoff, one of the top Poodle handlers of that time, how to hand scissor. He quickly became adept at it and started trimming his family’s show dogs as well as others. Aaron attended handling classes taught by Dr. D Sturz, Jr. and started showing in Junior Showmanship as well as showing in the breed ring.


After High School, Aaron started attending dog shows on his own showing his family’s dogs while occasionally working for professional handlers. Working for professional handlers he learned different breeds and soon started showing other breeds. He started working for Wendy Kellerman and William Mott as a full time assistant, and was introduced to a larger dog show world, meeting many influential judges, handlers, and breeders. After many years working for them, he then started working for Don Snyder helping to raise and train his English Springer Spaniels. Aaron started showing a few dogs for clients and soon was noticed by Kathy Kirk who after helping her at the Tar Heel circuit, said “I want you” and he started working for her as a full time live in apprentice, becoming a PHA Apprentice. After working for Kathy, he decided to start handling on his own and traveled with Jessy Sutton as well as his longtime friend Roz Mintz, where he started working with Std. Schnauzers and terrier breeds. He also occasionally worked for professional handlers, such as Doug Holloway, and Bob Double. He then started working for Joy Quallenberg, and learned the art of showing Labrador Retrievers.


In 1998 he started showing Parson Russell Terriers, and soon started breeding them under the Redwood prefix with Shawn Fuller. They bred, owned and showed several top Parsons including a Top Twenty dog, and finished the 2nd Parson to ever win a BIS, Ch Bayshore Bobbaloo. In 2012 he applied to judge Parson Russell Terriers and judged the PRTAA Specialty at Garden State Terrier and the PRTAA supported entry at Hatboro Dog Club.


In 2014 he met Philip Boyce and decided to stop judging and start a handling partnership with him.


Over the years Aaron has had the honor of being involved with several top show dogs as well as record holders. The Toy Manchester Terrier Ch. Fwaggles Tapman at Burmack,(Jake) a multiple BIS winner and winner of the AMTCA National Specialty 7 times, the Labrador, Ch. Aquaris Centercourt Delight (Buzz) the top winning Labrador of all time, Parson Russell Terrier, Ch Bayshore Bugsy Who, #1 Terrier in South America, Ch Casbars Hart to Hart, the top winning black Labrador in the history of the breed, as well as many others.

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